Elegoo Smart Car help!

Hi all! I recently purchased an Elegoo Smart Car v1.0. After building it, I uploaded the obstacle avoidance code. Somehow, the car only moves backwards. I did what I could to troubleshoot. What am I doing wrong? Has anyone else had this experience?


I would want to test the individual components.

Like writing a test sketch that simple sets up the ultrasonic sensor, and then in the loop, read the sensor value and print it to the serial monitor.

If that is giving you reasonable values (as you move your hand in front of the sensor) then you will know that it is hooked up properly and behaving as expected.

Then I would do something similar for the motor drivers. Write a test sketch that makes the motors turn forward for 1 second. Backwards for 1 second. Turn left (one forward, one back) for one second then right for on second, then stop.
Confirm that you have everything hooked up to make the motors go forward and backward on command.

Thanks so much!

By chance do you have examples of some test sketches? Sorry, I am brand new to all of this.

I would tear apart your obstacle avoidance code.

It probably does some setup, then in the loop, it reads the ultrasonic sensor and then moves the motors.

You could use copy out the pieces that deal with the sensor for one sketch and the parts that deal with the motor for the second.

Post the original code here and we can help you with which is which.
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hello, i have some problem with my project. I have to make an autonomous car with nvidia Tk1 and arduino uno, i must to set PID controller. Can you have me? confirm if you can. My email is: Hieunmhe130143@fpt.edu.vn. Thank you so much!

Can you have me?

Can we have you do what?

Your email address makes this look like a school assignment that you are trying to cheat on. We will NOT help you do that.

Was this resolved? I am having the same issue.

Which issue do you have, what components do you use? There are different issues described in this thread .
If your issue is, that your car is going backwards, try switching the motor connections in your motor driver (or adjust the code accordingly).

Hi , I ran into the same issue. Then I loaded the simple program that makes car go forward and backward and voila the car did exactly opposite of what was expected. I dutifully crossed the connections from wheels ie. left front wheel would be connected where right front wheel was connected. Now my car moves as expected.

@Blunderfoot - Sketches and troubleshooting guides can be downloaded from ttps://www.elegoo.com/download/
What issue do you see?

I got my kit (Elegoo Smart Robot Car Kit V3.0) 2 days ago and I was able to assemble and get the obstacle avoidance working within 2 hours.

@sachinhk - Did the IR receiver work for you? Bluetooth works for me but not the IR receiver