ELEGOO Smart Robot Car V3.0 Customization

Hi Everyone, I am Mathews Joby and I had worked on the ELEGOO Smart Robot Car for a long time and had a lot of fun with it too! Recently I had added an 16x2 LCD display and also made a more better a efficient method of obstacle avoidance.

The robot (only using ultrasonic sensor for object detection) which turned using a 180 Degree Micro Servo motor which gave a better obstacle avoidance model rather than hitting on the sides and rolling over or not avoiding it and getting stuck.

Later I learned android studio from freeCodeCamp.org's Android Studio Tutorial for Beginners from Youtube. (This is not an ad) and I wanted to work on my on app to use on my robot. I have made progress but need guidance as I am not a professional and not very creative either.

If you want to help me, you can help me with anything like designs for my app or ideas on what to put on the LCD or anything.

Just some info: using the Arduino mega 2560 (GENUINE) Rather than the regular ELEGOO Uno R3.

you can say anything openly! Please tell anything you wish to say cuz I am looking for help

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but I don't have any errors. I just asked for some guidance on my project. Just showcasing and wanted some ideas from people to improve my robot.

Don't worry about what category your post was moved to.

That's fun. You could use it like the destination sign on the front of a public bus.

Next stop, Kitchen and all points West.

Also RFID tags and a scanner under the car can allow you to create waypoints and other fun stuff.

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Wow that is a nice idea you have there! but sadly I don't have RFID tags :frowning:. But what do you think about having a buzzer hooked up and have it say something when we turn it on?
we can add it in the void Setup so it only runs once when we start it. don't know how to which buzzer to use. have peizos, passive buzzers and active buzzers. And I also don't know how to make it say the thing.
have watched it on YT where they were using Audacity and copying the tone code.

That sounds like a lot of extra work to make a voice.
Check out the Talkie library, but if you go that route you must use an externally powered amp regardless of what the multitudes of examples show you to the contrary. External amps are less than a dollar.

actually it only takes a few minutes to do it. You can also check youtube. I saw it there once.

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