ELEGOO starter kit power supply

The power supply that comes in the starter kit has 3.3v and 5v settings using jumpers. On mine the 5v to vcc reads 8.3 volts with my multimeter. the meter reads 9.3v when testing a 9v battery. is this normal. I want to use it to power the breadboard power strips. This would also mean that some of that voltage could be fed to the Arduino through switching. wanting to find out before hooking anything up. I would think the regulated 5v power should read 5v.

If it is one of those adaptors meant for breadboard they are suceptible to damage and abuse of the power rails.
I stopped using them and went with proper power supplies.

If your multimeter is showing more than 5 volts when set for 5 volts chances are it is pooched.
They are also very prone to breaking if you feed them with more than 10 volts at the input.