Eletronic or circuit to enable control of multi channel relay with single input

I am trying to control multiple relay with single output pin from arduino, making each relay individually addressable. To do so, I need a specific chip that reads D_in's first 24bit and control its own output then pass the rest of the data bit to D_out, just as the NeoPixel does. Problem is, I can't find or specify the keyword for this kind of electronic part. I would like to know if there's any chip that fits this purpose, or any keyword or name for this kind of operation.

What is the actual question? What is the difficulty? You mix Neopixels, power relays, relays... Try again.


Trying to make a multichannel relay individually addressable with single data input, but can't find the chip that does the operation.

The circuit I'm trying to make already exists and is implemented in NeoPixel, so I want to know the exact terminology of the function/circuit/chip for this thing.

For detailed explanation, I include the image that describes how the NeoPixel circuit works and my circuit should work.

What do You mean by multi channel relay? Write an example drawing and show.

Left ones are the circuit or chip I'm trying to make. These circuit takes DC5V.

Right ones are general relay modules that relays external power to the output according to the input signal. Doesn't matter if you consider it as single channel relays or multi channel relay. It'll take DC12V.

For example when there is three relays that I want to control with single pin, I would send 101 signal through pin to activate #1 and #3, keeping the #2 deactivated.

First circuit trims first bit of signal D1 and activates the Vch1.
Then it'll pass the rest signal to Dout, which will be D2.

Second circuit trims first bit of signal D2 and deactivates the Vch2.
It'll also pass the rest signal to D3.

Third one does the same on signal D3 and activates the Vch3.

By this way, I can theoretically control infinite relays with single pin output.
I thought this kind of circuit or chip already exists, and tried to find one by searching, but result wasn't very satisfying. So I was wondering is there any terminology that refers to this kind of circuit or any specific chip that does the exact operation.

I think I just found the terminology I was looking for. Guess I was talking about SIPO shift register.


Use shift registers! You can stack as many as You want of the. Check how much current each shift register output handles amd how much of total current each shift register IC handle. Maybe You need to use a transistor for each relay or You can use relay driver boards connected to the shift registers.
Long time since I used S R, but 74HC595 is maybe correct.

Something like:

Needs at least 3 pins though. They are designed for just that purpose, you can daisy chain them and control many relays with only 3 wires.