Elevator project

May I make this post UP.

I have a project of a lift made from a cable lift : http://www.ebay.com/itm/880LB-INDUSTRIAL-POWER-ELECTRIC-MOTORIZED-OVERHEAD-SHOP-CEILING-HOIST-CABLE-LIFT-/251000115783

I'd like an up and a low push button for calling the lift down or up. Use the top limit swicth, and add a low limit switch. I'd like the lift start on a pushbutton action, then stop where it is on a second action on the push button (for security), then reverse and start in the direction on a third push button action.

Of course, it has to stop on limit swicth, and start in the other way in the next push button action.

It really look like this topic project, despite it uses squirrel 220VAC motor instead a DC stepper motor.

I have 2 relays used for the lift. 1 for reversing (UP or DOWN) and 1 for run/stop. The first relay (reversing one) is used to connect the capacitor to manage 2 way drive of the motor.

It sounds the code it much harder that I would think.

I would appreciate any help or link. I don't feel good enough at all for coding to be able do it on my own !

Can you post a wiring diagram? Also your project sounds different enough from this one to start a new topic.

I have suggested to the Moderator to move your Post #38 to its own Thread because I think your problem is sufficiently different from this Thread.

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