ELMduino question

My goal is to read (engine coolant temperature and vehicle speed) and control engine cooling fan. So far I have been able to have my sketch compiled. I have yet to do the field test.

My sketch is a slightly modified version of ELMduino example. One statement I am not sure of is the (if condition):

if (!myELM327.begin(ELM_PORT, true, 2000))
Serial.println("Couldn't connect to OBD scanner");
while (1);

Does it mean (if the serial communication with ELM327 OBD2 reader is not successful within 2 seconds)? Thank you.

If the documentation is sparse or missing, the next step is to look for comments in the source code

Thank you. I found sufficient comments in the code. It was as I guessed.

EDIT: All is working well. Thank you PowerBroker2 for ELMduino.