EM-406A + Arduino Uno V3


My gps ( em-406a ) stopped working, getting a fix till 2 days ago. Till then all worked perfectly. Now i don't know what to do make it work again. After a few unsuccessful tries, i want to make a factory reset using sirf demo application, or any other way that you guys can tell me, with a few conditions, i don't have any other way to connect the module except the gps shield and throw arduino board to my pc.

P.S. This is my gps shield and gps -> http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10709

Please someone help me. Thank you.

My gps ( em-406a ) stopped working, getting a fix till 2 days ago.

What changed? Something had to. These devices don't normally just quit for no reason.

If you believe me or not, nothing changed. I get a bright led ( witch means that there is no fix ) forever... i keep it on clear sky for 3 hours and nothing happened... no position fix.

How is the Arduino powered? How is the GPS powered? Could you have a low/dead battery?

Arduino is powered from usb cable, or from a 9v transformer, the gps shield takes the power from arduino, and the gps module from the gps shield.

LE: Some thoughts ?

Im sorry for this up, but i need a solution asap... in a few days i have to present my final year project to finish college... and my gps stoped working. Im in a crisis.