em-406a help

Hey Guys, im doing a project which connects arduino pro mini, gps em-406a and Bluetooth Mate Silver together. I'm just want to know how to use the gps em-406a to display the RMC data rather the gps shows everything much appreciated thanks

Ignore everything but the MRC sentences.

can you be more specific?thanks

Sorry for the late reply. I thought I got this in yesterday, but I see no entry for it.... Oh, well...

Go to the 'SparkFun' website and look up the EM-406A (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/465). Start with the NMEA Reference Manual, under 'Documents', then look at Simpson's "GPS TUTORIAL". That will tell you how to select which sentences you want from the GPS module's message burst. Modify that suit the needs of your project.

Good luck and have fun.

thanks for the reply. but the link is no longer working...

Works for me. Go to www.sparkfun.com search for em-406a

i mean when i click on Simpson's "GPS TUTORIAL".

Aw man, they deleted the tutorial… mega-bummer… (I think they are upgrading to a new recvr with more chan.s, so the 406 will probablly be obsoleted soon).

Checkout TinyGPS in the playground.