EM257 or EM258 datasheets (Minibea 17PM-K212-P1T)

Do you have a datasheet for either of these motors?

no, you?

Um, no - thats why I was asking. I did find a pdf that was sent to a German site from Minibea - but its handwritten and not clear - also, it indicates 5 phases and I have been told that's not possible with 4 wires

replied allready on your other thread.

found this - http://www.roboternetz.de/phpBB2/files/17pm-k212-p1t.pdf -

Thanks - you're trying to help, it took a little effort to get hold of that pdf because my ISP has messed our mail up. I did download it this morning, but it's not a datasheet, it's an inspection report which seems to indicate 5 phases - which seems to be wrong. I've spent quite a lot of time looking and can't find anything to sort me out - I'm off to visit someone tomorrow who is a bit of a stepper motor fanatic. I'm just surprised that if the Arduino is so popular - and the schematic is published on the website - WHY DOESNT IT WORK. Yes I am mad as can be. But then perhaps some component is faulty and no ones fault

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http://www.eminebea.com/content/html/en/hybrid_list/pdf/17PM-K.pdf http://www.eminebea.com/content/html/en/hybrid_list/pdf/17PM-K.pdf

motor-bipolar stepper:EM-257 generic Stepper with timing belt pulley This is the equivalent to Astrosyn SST-024 with a 10 Ohm coil. These were pulled from an Epson printer assembly. The high holding torque and small pakcage size makes it ideal for small CNC or robotics project. This is the bushing version, not made by Minebea or RepRap Manufacturer page:generic Specifications Nominal Voltage 7 Current 0.7 Resistance (Ohms) 10 Torque (in-oz) 44.4 Torque (kg*cm) 3.2 Wires 4 Condition pulled Steps / Revolution 200 Step Size (degrees) 1.8 NEMA frame size 17 QTY available 15