Email Alert without a PC

I'd like to have my Arduino send me email alerts without using a PC. Any thoughts on how to do this? Are there any little internet devices I can use or hack that will work the Arduino to do this?


Here's one:

Do you know of any sketches or libraries that demonstrate how to send out an email using this Ethernet shield?


The ethernet shield allows you to make GET or PUT requests for web pages. It's up to you to write a script (php is a great scripting language that is well supported, and free) to be invoked from the Arduino w/shield.

That script needs to be able to send e-mail (php has that capability; there are lots of samples on the internet).

Thanks. Would the PHP script run on the shield, or is it running on a website?


I don't know whether anyone's actually done it yet, but SMTP, like most Internet protocols, is designed so it could be done from a telnet terminal if you wanted to.

The same basic code that's used for connecting to a webserver could be modified for talking to an SMTP server.

There's a Unix/Linux command line app called "mail" that does primitive email building and sending. You could use the source for that to get ideas for your own application.

btw, you can also get Ethernet shields from Not that there's anything wrong with the ones from SparkFun, but ladyada gives a lot to the community, so I like to plug her when I can :) When I bought mine, Wiznet was running a sale on the 5100 modules (which I think is over now), so I was able to build a couple using ladyada's PCBs for about $30 apiece.


I purchased some stuff from ladyada. I have two Ethernet shields, a Wiznet and XPort. I don’t know too much about using them yet. I got them both working with a simple sketch.

One thing I’m trying to understand is what code runs where. In your example, would the modified mail program (from Unix) run on the Ethernet shield?

The PINK (Parallax Internet Netburner Kit) board is a little expensive, but very easy to use. I is a web server and supports UDP send and receive and email capbabilities.