Email links dont always work.

Just checking to see if anyone else if having issues using email links to go to a topic they are involved in.

Started a couple of days ago where the link is just taking me back to the top of the forum instead of the topic itself as it would normally.

Sometimes they work and sometimes not... So hard to define a common cause.


Thanks Luca will monitor it.

Not email related, but might be related.

I've also noticed a change in behaviour recently. I always leave a section or thread open on the browser of my cell phone and if I (after a while) want to check for updated topics I simply tap 'back' which will force a refresh of the previous forum page that was loaded and next I can click the updated topics link.

This approach used to work 100% of the time but recently the behaviour changed. Recently tapping 'back' often but not always results in the forum navigation links not showing (as if one is not logged in). One or more 'back' is required or leaving the forum completely and next going there from scratch.

Also seen that too sterretje…

Not quite the same but if I have a tab open and havent used it for a few hours ( <10) occasionally I will be logged out on that tab even if I am logged in on a different tab.

Think your issue and what I have seen are related.
Certainly something happening in the back.


lucaosti: I'm not aware of any changes that could have changed that behaviour (and it's a really strange one), are you sure is not related to the browser you are using? Sometimes mobile browsers have a really aggressive cache.

I'm just a (cell phone) user; Android 7.0.0, Chrome 65.0.3325.109

It might have started after an update of one or both, but I can't verify that; it's one of those things that one pays little attention to.