Email notifications fix planned for release on 2014-11-25

I set my Notification Preferences but have not received any emails. Anyone else having this problem ?


I'm pretty sure that the Arduino forum is not hosted on an Arduino. Therefore, this post is in the wrong place. It is NOT a programming (of the Arduino) problem.

PaulS: I'm pretty sure that the Arduino forum is not hosted on an Arduino.

If it was, it might explain a few things ;)

Yes, I too have not had a valid email notification since the upgrade some weeks or are we counting months now :confused:

Surely it can’t be effecting all the newcomers or this forum would be dead by now.


Me to, and as I've stated a few times on other threads this "feature" has pretty much stopped me from posting, add that to the non-working "new posts" and my participation factor is at about 3% at present, it's just ain't worth the effort to find new posts and if I do reply to a post and there are no notifications that's the end of it as I am totally interrupt-driven, if I get an interrupt (email) I handle it, of not I stay in my daily loop() :) .


Yes, that actually stops me even replying to new threads, because I know there will be a follow-up, I won't see it, and the question I ask is therefore pointless, because I don't see their reply.

I also don't get to hear about spam, unless I spot it because of a ridiculously obvious thread title.

Hello Everyone,

I am glad to announce that mrdanny just fixed the Alerts and everything related to Email notifications.

It is working already in our test dev instance and we are concluding the tests on Monday. We expect to release the fix on Tuesday around 11am CET.

Thank you for your patience,

Deploy it on Tuesday, I created a new topic about it Feel free to merge this one if you like.


Hallelujah :)


mastrolinux: Deploy it on Tuesday, I created a new topic about it Feel free to merge this one if you like.


Can we assume that this thread merger has occurred?

If not there is something screwy going on (big surprise) since the provided link puts you right back at this same thread even though the topic numbers are different.


Yes I merged the thread, as requested.

I am not sure we can deploy exactly at 11am as announced but within the day for sure. We will update you on this thread.

Deploying in a couple of mins.

The update is causing major problems to other parts of the Forum. We reverted the changes. Still testing.

We are loosing formerly active members and their supportive contribution every day.

Many people stopped replying to anything because it is simply impossible to keep track of the answers.

A pretty high price for the new improvements. Wait, what was I talking about?

Is it probably a good time to consider a downgrade to the last working forum software version? Or to start from scratch? Or to use a differnt software which is know to be well tested and working fine?

I mean even if you get everything working somehow one day there is still so much stuff to be fixed.
The loading time analyzis from Nick alone shows so much fundamental problems in the architecture that it seems to me like a waste of time to start fixing all that.

Sometimes it is just more efficient to admit that there is no healing anymore and to bury a project that is simply FUBAR and to start with a blank page again.

Just saying in order to probably limit the collateral damage all that mess caused already.

Anyway, good luck with everything you guys decide for.

Released again right now, tuning settings.


Have you read the Threads here and here into which Nick Gammon has put so much effort analyzing and reporting on his experience using the Forum?

It would be really useful if you could engage in a dialogue about Nick's findings.

And, of course, all the comments from other users.


Released again right now, tuning settings.

It's nice to see that you restored the ability to 'Reply' to the forum. This seems to have been missing earlier today. I guess that was one of the 'major problems'.


I got a handful of notifications with the subject line "subject" (or nothing at all) followed by the message body of "body" (or nothing at all). Then they stopped, so I gather this was after it was reverted.

Can't you set up a test server to check these things before they go live?