email or text message

i have a very basic question. does anybody know how to get my adruino to send a message or and email? Thank you

That would depend on what you are connecting to your arduino;

If you are connecting a GSM shield/radio, you can use SMS, if you are connecting an Ethernet shield, the ethernet libraries are a good place to start.

If your Arduino is connected to a PC you can use GoBetwino to send email for Arduino.

Otherwise you need either an ethernet shield or some way to connect to a mobile phone to send the SMS.

Hi Guy's On the sbject of GOBETWINO is there anyway that Gobetwino can be used at the same time as the serial print command is used to monitor the process's on a PC.

Example I am outputing print data to my PC to monitor the process of my BIO Reactor and I am using the USB serial port. The PC is running Hyperterm which is good enough for my purposes.

I would like to use gobeteino to send email messages to me at certain points in the process. If I open gobetwino first then hyperterm wont start and viccy verca, cuz the port is in use.

I thought I could use gobetwino instead of hyperterm but it tries to interpret everything that it see's as gobetwino data and returns lots of errors.

As I see it the only way out is to run it on a second port but my Arduino 328 does not have a second serial port that I can see or does it, and I have no spare ports.

Any idea's?????? John

:( >:( >:( >:(

I have an update for GoBetwino coming, that includes a debug command that will do just that.

My only problem is time, with a full time job and a 6 week old son i'm kind of busy.

But i hope to get the last stuff ready during Xmas.

Thanks Mate Perhaps you would mail me when it is ready, otherwise I will keep looking at your web site. Have a good Christmas.... John 8-) 8-)