Email with W5500 Ethernet 2 Shield and Uno

Does anyone have a sample code that I can use to send an email using my W5500 Ethernet Shield.
I'm a beginner and would really appreciate some help.

What service do you plan to use to send the email? Keep in mind, an Arduino is not able to use SSL/TLS.

In most cases you can simply use a sketch developed for the Ethernet Shield and change "Ethernet.h" to "Ethernet2.h". P.e.

Thanks pylon for the quick reply.

I was wanting to use my own email smtp server but it uses SMTP Authorization on Port 587. Will this work or do I need to go to a different service?


You just have to add authentication to the sketch. Which methods does your SMTP server understand for authentication? The hardest part is the base64 encoding but that's quite easy.

pylon, I use the iPage web hosting service with email. I don’t really know what level of authentication they require.
Below is all I know about my smtp server:

Port 587
Outgoing Server Requires SMTP Authorization

If it is your own server, why don't you allow port 25 send access from your localnet?

If it is your own server, why don’t you allow port 25 send access from your localnet?

Because it’s not his server but just a rented service. It looks like he’s absolutely no control over the server, he’s just allowed to use it.

@OP: Telnet to that port and start the SMTP dialogue by this


Post the returned string.