Embarrassing Question: Where are the Libraries?!

I downloaded Arduino 1.5.1r2 for Windows (maybe that's my problem?) for use with the Due and I was excited about the Due only libraries like Audio and Scheduler. However, after installing, I find that it only has LiquidCrystal and SD in it ... nothing else? I can download and install most libraries like Wire, SPI, etc from other sources but I can't seem to find Audio or Scheduler libraries ...

I am clearly missing something really obvious here. Any help for a lost soul?

i can find the Audio library in "arduino-1.5.1r2\hardware\arduino\sam\libraries". The Audio and several other libraries are missing in the IDE. I don't know why either.

Haven't used r2 yet, but with the DUE and IDE 1.5.1, some of the libraries are automatically included now. Moved to the $your arduino install$/hardware/arduino/sam/libraries folder are:

Audio Ethernet Scheduler SPI USBHost Wire

And some libraries are not officially ported yet. For example the Stepper library. However in this case an easy fix was to use the AccelStepper library which worked on the DUE 'out of the box'.


Thanks Dave! They were right where you said they'd be.

Sorry that doesn't help you, Gaplee. If it's any consolation, at least you are looking in the right place! :blush: