Embedded Arduino Issue (Own board)

Alright, hopefully someone here can help.

I have a project that I want to embed into something, so I don’t want to waste the Arduino board (I have several ATMega328’s to put back into the board). I put together my own embedded board according to the following schematic:

After popping in an ATMega pre-programmed with the “Blink” sketch, nothing happened. So I tried communicating to it with a serial cable - no dice. It would appear the chip isn’t running on my board. When I popped the chip back into the Arduino board, it ran the “Blink” sketch just fine. (The power LED does come on just fine, but that’s the only thing that seems to work…)

Can anyone see anything wrong with what I’ve done in that schematic?

I’ve also double checked to make sure that there are no shorts anywhere, and that everything is at the voltage / place / etc it’s supply to be at…

Thanks for any help!!

Not sure it is the reason your board isn't running, but the voltage regulator needs input and output capacitors (see any 7805 datasheet for details) and you should have .1 ufd bypass caps on the Vcc & Avcc pins to ground.



Figured I was missing something (though the datasheet for my 7805 doesn't say anything about capacitors, I figure using 0.33uF on the input and 0.1uF on the output should work? [found these values from another regulator]).

Don't have access to the caps right now, but I'll give it a try when I get home.

Just power it directly from the Arduino.

Anyways, check the reset part.

Also, I dont think the caps would matter so much.

I <3 you!!

Powered it off of the Arduino board and it works perfectly.

So, most definitely a cap / ps issue.

Thanks guys!!