Embedded Artists' 2.7 Inch E-Paper Display - Wiring for Leonardo/Yun available?

Hello Everyone:

The other day I bought a Embedded Artists' 2.7 Inch E-Paper Displays ( http://www.embeddedartists.com/products/displays/lcd_27_epaper.php ). It looks great for my project and I really would love to use it in it. Since the or the rest of my project requires the Arduino Yun, I would like to hook the display up to it. In order to do that, I tried to use the same wiring Embedded Artists provided for the Uno ( http://www.embeddedartists.com/sites/default/files/support/displays/epaper/Epaper_arduino.pdf ). However, nothing happens...

When doing internet research I found out that other ePaper boards have different wirings for Uno and Leonardo (which is to my knowledge equal to the Yun exept for the lack of the Linux parts). For example: http://repaper.org/doc/extension_board.html For the Lenoardo they seem to use the ICSP pins - where for the Uno they do not.

Do you have any idea how to wire the display to a Arduino Leonardo or Yun? I would really love to use the display for may project...

Thanks, Stefan

Ok, I just went through all pints and their meaning. I GOT IT TO WORK!!! Wooohooo! Well at least the example that can be found at: http://www.embeddedartists.com/products/displays/lcd_27_epaper.php . This is the only thing I have tested so far.

Just in case somebody else has the same challenge here is the wiring I used:

Display -> Arduino YUN (probably also for Leonardo)
1: GND -> GND
2: 3V3 -> 3V3
3: SCK -> ICSP-3
4: MOSI -> ICSP-1
5: MISO -> ICSP-4
6: SSEL -> 8
7: Busy -> 7
8: BorderCtrl -> 1
9: SCL -> 3
10: SDA -> 2
11: PWM -> 5
12: Reset -> 6
13: PWR -> 9
14: Discharge -> 4

Since it was necessary to change some of the pin assignments, you will also need to include the following bindings in the example code (line 77 - 85):

// Arduino IO layout
const int Pin_PANEL_ON = 9;
const int Pin_BORDER = 1;
const int Pin_DISCHARGE = 4;
const int Pin_PWM = 5;
const int Pin_RESET = 6;
const int Pin_BUSY = 7;
const int Pin_EPD_CS = 8;
const int Pin_RED_LED = 13;

With this I got the example application from http://www.embeddedartists.com/products/displays/lcd_27_epaper.php to work. Of cause it may be the case that there is still something wrong with it, so please don't blame me. :D

Hope this helps...

Cheers, Stefan