Embedded PC Won't Boot With Arduino?


I'm building a solution that uses an Arm-based embedded Linux PC (a Technologic TS-7553) with an Arduino (currently using a Duemilanove).

The Arduino is powered by the USB port. If the Arduino is plugged into the USB when power is applied to the PC, the PC will not boot.

While searching the forums, I found information regarding when the Arduino was powered separately, but I haven't found any people having problems booting with the Arduino powered by USB. I tried a powered USB hub, which didn't seem to make any difference.

I'm thinking this sounds like it may be a problem with the PC, and I also have a query into the manufacturer. But I'm wondering if anyone here may have some guidance. I'm much more a programmer than an electronics expert, so any guidance is appreciated!


I'm using an Arduino plugged into (via a USB cable) and thus powered by a BeagleBoard running Ubuntu Linux. It boots up fine.

I suspect it's a problem with your BIOS. When a computer boots up, sometimes it tries first to boot from a USB port, thinking that there is a pendrive or hard disk there to boot from. When it finds something on the USB port,even though that something is not a boot device, it hangs.

I've had that happen to me in Windows with a USB wireless mouse dongle. I've not had it happen in Linux. But I suspect that may be your problem.

Some USB host controllers can act like this. I have the same with my PC at home, when I plug in anything that draws power from the USB connection, it will not start up succesfully. When I switch the device off/unplug it from the USB port, it works fine.

If the embedded PC has a BIOS option for booting from USB, try to disable it.