Embedded Web Server, with DynDNS client

I have a application using a 3G router with a Ethernet Port and Ardunio Webserver, to give readings of analoug inputs (volts, amps, temp) to monitor remote solar powered equipment.

looking to set up a Arduino Webserver and provide a DynDNS URL as the 3G router does not support a fixed IP address.

Is there any DynDNS function for using the Ethernet Sheld, with a dynamic IP public address.

Easy peasy. In your loop, every x millis ( ala blink without delay example), send the update to dyndns. Example code here: My Dyn Account

Mind the mills() overflow if this is going to be running a long time like most web servers.

Hello.This code for this work is ok?

Publish IP by dyndns.com protocol

<hostname>	the hostname (e.g. example.dyndns-ip.com

<pwd64base>	the phrase username:password base64 encoded

<ip>		the IP wich should be published

//Proposed by martines.marco@gmail.com
//Waiting for confirmation from boris.landoni@gmail.com

byte GSM::PublishIP(char *hostname, char *pwd64base, char*ip)
  SendATCmdWaitResp("AT+CIPSEND", 10000, 1000,">", 3);

  int ret_val=0;
  char cmd1[150];
  char cmd2[50];
  char cmd3[2];

  strcpy(cmd1, "GET /nic/update?hostname=");
  strcat(cmd1, hostname);
  strcat(cmd1, "&myip=");
  strcat(cmd1, ip);
  strcat(cmd1, " HTTP/1.0");
  strcpy(cmd2, "Authorization: Basic ");
  strcat(cmd2, pwd64base);

  SimpleWrite("Host: members.dyndns.org");
  SimpleWrite("User-Agent: GSM-Shield for Arduino");


i find it there: http://gsm-shield-arduino.googlecode.com/svn-history/r19/branches/ArduinoVer/GSM_Shield.cpp

Hi, in the code quoted in the previous post appears my email address.... could you modify in order to hide it (both emails)? Thank you,

Dyndns isn't free no more...let's go change! See Integrate with No-IP DDNS - API Information