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Hello all,

New to the forum. Brand new to Arduino. I have a friend who is just starting to get me into it. But have what would seem like quite a simple project to me. Curious if anyone is interested and what they would charge. We have a manual embosser that we use now for legal documents in our office but stamp so much all day that we would benefit from an automated one. I would assume this would mean some sort of piston or solenoid to press the embosser down and a sensor (motion or pressure at the back of the embosser) to recognize the paper to know when to emboss.

Any ideas on how much time / money / how large it would be? Thanks all!


P.S. - No, they don't sell them. The only automated ones that I can find require that pedal or button be depressed for the emboss to occur. If you see one out there, please let me know! Thanks again.


whereabouts in the galaxy are you? any info on the embosser you currently use? price constraints? time constraints?


PS very happy to take this on once I get the info I can give you a quotation

Thank you for your reponse. Sorry I was out of town last week so slow reponse.

Currently, I am located in Maryland just outside DC (thats in the milky way galaxy, planet Earth). XD

The embosser that I currently use was simply ordered from Staples. Link below.


No real price contraints :/ within reason I suppose. No real time contraints other than as soon as possible. To expand on this - it is for work but is a luxury item. It is not something I want to spend a fortune on but I have no idea what kind of pricetag I am looking at or time frame. Thanks again for the response. Look forward to hearing from you!


I am just curious... When you use the embosser, how many pounds of force is need to make an impression on the paper ? The Stable model use a lever principle to produce the necessary force to created an impression. The mechanical part is not going to be easy to make, because of the force you need when you press the lever down to created an impression. As for the paper sensor, that is easy, an open opto-coupler will work just fine or a few of them. Programing is in my opinion easy in a way. It is the mechanical aspect of the project being the hard part.

Nonsense Techone, just find something like this

so it can be secured to the same base.
Add a non-stretchy cord that can wind around the shaft to pull the handle down,
and a DPDT relay to let the motor go both directions under the control of a Promini or similar.


I get your idea... just like a Jeep - Cord Winding Motor - located at the front bumper of the Jeep. Simple... Mechnicaly is a good idea.

This seems easy to do, the problem (and presumably why all the electric embossers you have found have a button to activate them) is safety. You don't want the embosser to clamp down on someone's hand.

My recommendation would be to find an electric emboser, then replace the button/pedal with a simple circuit that uses an led/photoresister or microswitch to detect the presents of paper. For safety, you might want to have several sensors located such that they only activate when soemthing paper sized/shapped is inserted. You might also want to include a delay/buzzer.

I would strongly advise against anyone (other than the owner/user of the device) to take on such a project, as it sounds like I crushed finger lawsuit waiting to happen.

Thanks again for the reply. I have no idea how much force is actually required to impress the paper - it isnt much. I dont have the necessary equipment to actually measure the amount of force.

I see your point on the lawsuit but I dont think it would be much of an issue. The current manual model that we have now is small enough that you cant really fit a finger in it. We could always make the actual mechanic part recessed as well so that the person would have to reach into the device to have it clamp their hand (or multiple sensors as previously suggested).

What do you think?


How will this save time if you still have to insert the paper manually? I will complete your project, PM me. https://www.freelancer.com/users/3242859.html

It will make it faster by not having to manually depress the paper. If we can go more complex and add a paper feeder, that is a consideration.

But it also reduces the repetitive stress associated with stamping 300 of these a day.

PM sent. Thank you.


Did you get my Message?

Sorry for the late response - just sent PM.