Emergency Alert system

Hello sir I am doing a project called "emergency alert system using 3G network".It works like this: It is designed mainly for the ageold people and housewives those who stay alone at home.This device will be placed on the with four switches,when the person who is in need for help for any emergency cases they can just press the and an emergency message(which will contain emergency message,location,date,time and picture of the person who is in need of help)will be sent to any of the four registered numbers.And in this way they can be provided with the help as soon as possible. For this project we are using an android phone,arduino uno r3 and bluetooth module(for interfacing between arduino and android phone). I want you to help me to let me know what i have told you so far is their any other better and effective way to do my project and programming has become a hurdle for me so help us with it.