EMG Sensors and Shields etc


I am working on a project requiring EMG sensors for the control of a myoelectric prosthesis. I am presently using my own EMG circuits that I made on a breadboard to record the electrical activity of 4 different muscles. However, I've found some EMG bundles for Arduino on the web and would love your feedback to know if they are worth it or if I should stick with my breadboard:

(SHIELD-EKG-EMG - Open Source Hardware Board)

Those products seemed the most popular to me. Is there more? Any wireless solutions?

Thank you,

I played with the Muscle Sensor v3 Kit last year it worked fine, it could pick up my hart beat as well my, body's to buggered so I stop using it, but it showed me how bad my muscles are, if it was connected directly to the muscles it would of been better but I did not like the idea of sticking needles in to my self

Thanks a lot, we are looking at all options !