Emic2 does not work with Mega 2560

I connected an Emic2 to a Mega 2560 and tried the demo program. However, there is no sound nor message in the serial terminal.


I tried pins 0 and 1 as well as 10 (tx) and 11 (rx). No sound at all and nothing on the serial monitor. Anybody knows how to do it?

Have you tried doing a forum search? I just did, and found this case of someone who sorted out the communication problem.:- emic2 on Mega (Reply #2)

This guy appears to have got it working fine on a Mega too, using the same pins, (50 and 52). :- Emic2 speaks all phrases one after the other instead of spaced by 10 seconds (His code problem was sorted out by the end of the thread. The code might be helpful to you as well.)

Yes I have. The problem is that pins 50 and 52 have been assigned to another module.

oceantable: Yes I have. The problem is that pins 50 and 52 have been assigned to another module.

So you saw those threads? Perhaps, to help isolate the problem, you should get the Emic 2 module working on it's own, on pins 50 and 52 as others have done.

Then once you know that everything is working OK, you can try changing pins, comfortable in the knowledge that everything else is OK. Once you have it working on the pins you want, you can then re-introduce any other modules.

When starting out with a module you haven't used before, it's always a good idea to test it independently, in a bare-bones sketch. That way, it's much easier to sort out any problems that occur.

Edit: Of course, posting your code here might help, too. :)

Thanks for the technique.

oceantable: Thanks for the technique.

Is it working now?

Yes. Thank you!

oceantable: Yes. Thank you!

Excellent. Glad to hear it. And thanks for the feedback. :)