Empty Character Boxes in Arduino Program

I’ve ran into an odd problem where my Arduino program seems to have downloaded and installed successfully, but none of the words/letters are appearing in the program (for example, the File, Edit, Tools, etc. don’t actually appear, only empty boxes). I’ve attached a document showing what is going on.

I am running Windows 8.1 (64-bit) on an Asus i5 laptop. Currently, none of my other classmates have had this issues, although many of them are running Windows 8.1 as well. I also don’t believe that it is an error in the downloading part, since I was able to get Arduino working correctly on an older Dell laptop that was running Windows 7, yet I would prefer only have to lug around 1one laptop if possible.

Any feedback on this would be appreciated, I was unable to find this unique issue anywhere else on the forum or internet.

Arduino Error.docx (24.9 KB)