Emulating a neopixel (WS2812 or SK6812) *Receiver*

Note that this latter discussion has absolutely nothing to do with the NeoPixel problem. :rofl:

The problem was solved already, but we can keep babbling on without the annoying message that it has been. Which latter discussion do you mean ? Like the Z in the XY problem. There is a possible practical application for Y, and now there is also possibly a viable solution for Y. The result may end up as Z, but that has nothing to do with the OP's problem, which was already solved.

Oh, I'm not complaining, tangential discussion is hardly unusual here. :grin:

I was merely concerned that the OP did not get confused that there might be some other meaningful way of approaching his objective.

Well i would hope not. As long as the output can be the multi-channel PWM that the WS2811 provides, that is obviously the proper solution. If on the other hand it would need to be some other kind of digital format (i have recently been confronted with DMX-LED strip that had been permanently housed within an object for instance) then there is another approach possible though, and once my current projects come closer to completion i am for sure gonna try and see if i can get reception to work reliably.