Emulation with expanders and encoders

lastly I've tested Tinkercad circuits. It is great and I like it very much. But After some basic projects I like to make some tests with expander (for example PCF8574N ) and some basic encoders (like both incremental and absolute).

But on Tinkard Circuit there is lack of such components.

There are many other Arduino emulations, but I am not able to test all of them. There are too much. That's why I would kindly ask if any one of you know which Arduino emulation allows to test circuits and code with such components.

It would be also great if there is option to include custom libraries but of course I can menage without that.

For any help great thanks in advance.


Heh... :slight_smile:
Great thanks for your answer. But that's now what I am asking for :slight_smile:

But I am also begginer, it is nice to have option to test any stupid things before I make real circuit connections.

I also have 4 encoders, and each one is different.
And I have situation that one encoder doesn't work. I don't know if it's my fault, or maybe just encoder is broken.

And there are many other situations in which it would be nice to test virtually.


Hello spycatcher2k,
great thanks for your answer. It's all sound reasonable. Thanks for your advices. For sure I will consider all of that.

But still if anyone else know any Arduino emulation that has functionality I asked I would be very appretiate.