enable a pin high till an input

I want to make a output pin high till i make an input pin into high, like an interupt, does any one knows the program for that?

Something like this maybe, but you will need to change the logic to suit your exact needs

const byte inputPin = A1;
const byte outputPin = 13;
byte previousInputState = HIGH;

void setup()
  pinMode(inputPin, INPUT_PULLUP);  //uses internal pullup resistor.  Change to INPUT for your requirements and circuit
  pinMode(outputPin, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(outputPin, HIGH);

void loop()
  byte inputState = digitalRead(inputPin);
  if (inputState != previousInputState && inputState == LOW) //change test from LOW to HIGH to meet your requirements
    digitalWrite(outputPin, LOW);
  previousInputState = inputState;

By the way, if you did not know how to do this then I suggest that you do not try to use an interrupt because it requires more knowledge that you probably have. What is the overall aim of what you are doing ?