Enable/Disable USB port of the USB Host Shield


I have a Mega 2560 Ardunio that is connected to a Duinotech USB Host Shield for communication with a sensor via a Serial USB port. Everything is working well, except that the sensor cable is required to be manually unplugged and plugged in whenever the Arduino resets. To go around this, a relay can be added at the USB port of the Host Shield to switch on/off the power connection to the sensor, however, I'm looking to do this through the program without adding any relay.

Is it possible to enable and disable the USB port of the Host Shield through the Arduino program? I expect that there should be some functions in the USB Host Shield libraries, e.g. usb.h or usbhub.h (GitHub - felis/USB_Host_Shield_2.0: Revision 2.0 of USB Host Library for Arduino.), which can simply be used for disabling/enabling or resetting the USB port or the entire USB Host Shield.

Please note that the USB Host Shield is solely used for communication to the sensor, and the shield is mounted on the Arduino Mega 2560 where all pins including the ICSP pins are connected.