Enabling Notifications (Video Example & Question?)

Please watch from 8:13 to 8:47 Enabling Notifications

As you can see this guy clearly distinguishes between switching notifications on/off via "nRF Connect" compared to using code within his sketch.

I'm using a Nano 33 BLE, for which I would like to manually have control over this on/off process in relation to the descriptor that is created via BLENotify.

As an example I've provided the following code as below, which is shown at about 8:45 in the above video...

const uint8_t notificationOn[] = {0x1, 0x0};

pRemoteCharacteristic->getDescriptor(BLEUUID((uint16_t)0x2902))->writeValue((uint8_t*)notificationOn, 2, true);

Incidentally, I've discovered "BLERemoteCharacteristic", and although it states "Arduino core for nRF52 CPU" (the CPU that the Nano uses), it also states "used on the Arduino Primo and Arduino Primo Core boards". The guy in the video is using an ESP32.

I'm guessing that there isn't actually a BLE Class for this type of control over the client when working with a Nano 33 BLE.

Therefore, please let me know if there's a way to switch notifications on/off for my Nano 33 BLE, in the same manner as shown in the above video clip via his two lines of code as stated above?

Thank you, Gary.

See this post for the solution: Feature Request... Option To Set CCCD Value

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