ENC28J60 & Avrlib

Hi, I am trying to send a ethernet packet using avrlib and i have a problem. I dont know how to make the packet , the function prototype is like this:

void enc28j60PacketSend(unsigned int len, unsigned char* packet) ///Sends a packet on the network. It is assumed that the packet is headed by a valid ethernet header. /// Function accepts the length (in bytes) of the data to be sent, and a pointer /// to the data. This send command may assume an ethernet-like 802.3 header is at the /// beginning of the packet, and contains the packet addressing information.

Can someone help me? If you can give me an code example it would be great. The microcontroler thet I am using is Atmege8515L and an PICTail Ethernet board with anENC28J60 microchip. Thanks.

This is the Arduino forum; you'll most likely get more help on a more general AVR forum.

Such as AVRFreaks - http://www.avrfreaks.net/