enc28j60 chip and library

I recently bought a enc28j60 chip
and I've tryed to connect it using this libary
and it doesn't connect
can anyone help me with the wiring ( wol? , clk?, ...)
and is that the right libary i need?

For the uno
Vcc --> 3.3v
Gnd --> Gnd
SI --> D11
SO --> D12*
SCK --> D13
CS --> D8
The enc29j60 is a 3.3 volt chip but it has 5 volt tollerent inputs so you should be able to connect it directly to an Uno but the SO pin may cause problems and need to be level shifted up to 5v. Ethercard is the libary i use for the enc29j60 chip.

Look at the open source Nanode project for an example circuit using the ENC28J60: Project | SolderPad