ENC28J60 controlling all outputs and itputs.

I'm using enc 28j60 ethernet shield with library ethercard. I've got code from https://github.com/lucadentella/enc28j60_tutorial/blob/master/_8_WebLeds/_8_WebLeds.ino. I know how to add more led's but i don't know how to read values from analog itputs. Anyone can help ?

If you look at source code of the webpage in your browser, you see the html code that was transmitted by the Arduino.
You can add other text to that webpage between the and the tags.

bfill.emit_p(PSTR("Hello World"));

You have to check the library for the possible options for bfill.emit… functions. Perhaps you have to use bfill.emit_raw with a string. The value of analogRead() can be turned into a string with the “dstrtof()” function.