enc28j60/Ethercard websocket support?

Hi everyone,

there are a few Websocket extensions on Github for the Ethernet library running on the W5100 board. I am wondering if anyone know about something similar for the enc28j60 board and the Ethercard library.

Thanks, Franklin Dattein

Not sure what you exactly mean, but it looks to me that the EtherCard library is both more complete than Ethernet/Wiz, and more complex because there is next to nil documentation.

For example, there are functions like browseUrl to get a web page, ntpRequest, PingCallback, ICMP, DHCP is handled by the library, etc.

There is some recent activity in the French forum trying to document it. Look for skywodd, the main contributor.

I mean being able to connect to a WebSocket, by doing the handshaking and keeping the socket alive. Just because the Ethercard library provides some easy to use methods doesn't mean it is more or less complete.

I have been reading about the differences between them and the W5100 implements the TCP stack itself, whereas the enc28j60 leaves the job to the Arduino. That is what makes particularly easier to support Websockets on the w5100's.

Anyway, I have ordered a W5100 to do the job.