ENC28J60 Ethernet Module Library for uploading files to server?

Dearest community, I'm trying to build an as cheap as possible, online weather station with an Arduino, SD card shield and the ENC28J60 Ethernet Module. So what I have been unsuccessfully looking for for three days straight is a library for the ENC allowing me to upload text files to a server, be that by FTP, HTTP or even email, I really don't care any more. So far I have stumbled upon exactly one library for the ENC28J60 that just works for me (Ethercard, of course), but that doesn't support FTP or sending emails and the like. I would have to program that functionality myself, which would take a really long time as I am stupid. Seeing that the ENC28J60 seems to be the cheapest ethernet module around (I found it for 1€ a piece (!) from China on eBay) I just can't believe no one has ever gotten some uploading to work. So please, speak up if you know a way to upload a file in ANY way from an SD card to a server over the ENC28J60! Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Meht

Email is hard to do.
I could not find FTP with Ethercard. It would be very useful !

The Ethercard pachube.ino shows the use of ‘PUT’ to a server.

There is a new library (I have not tried it), http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=178024.0
But that is the normal things, like: server, client, udp

Is there library to access Pachube with SIM 900A GSM/GPRS Module ? If so, Please let me know...