enc28j60 gateway

hello i have bay the http://www.nuelectronics.com/estore/index.php?main_page=project_eth and i have test the examples and work verry well!!! but none of them have option to add gateway ip so can i connect from internet!!!!!!

if someone have any solution or example please help me!!!

i use arduino uno with mega328


Lots of details about code for that particular shield at my page...


The issues you are fighting with, if I don't miss my guess, are not really down to the shield... they are just general issues of making a server "visible" beyond your LAN. (I don't say that in the spirit of "you shouldn't have asked here", merely in the spirit of getting you looking in the right direction!)

Two basics to be seen from the internet if the arduino is connected to a router are 1) port foward incomming traffic to the arduino, and 2) get a dynamic IP account like no-ip.com. Have you worked on these issues?

yes i have set this! the problem is on the code, dont have gateway ip!