enc28j60 library - eeprom


I am using ENC28J60 and library "Ethercard", it works very fine.

on variable definition I use:

static byte mymac[] = { 0x74,0x69,0x69,0x2D,0x30,0x31 };
static byte myip[] = { EEPROM.read(0),EEPROM.read(1),EEPROM.read(2),EEPROM.read(3) };
static byte gwip[] = { EEPROM.read(5),EEPROM.read(6),EEPROM.read(7),EEPROM.read(8) };

static byte hisip[] = { EEPROM.read(10),EEPROM.read(11),EEPROM.read(12),EEPROM.read(13) };

char website[] PROGMEM = "www.mysite.com";

I have saved the IPs on EEPROM, so I can change it using a config procedure.
I this way all works.

I would like to saved also the "website" variable.
I can memorized the site name "www.mysite.com" on EEPROM, no problem for this.

But How I can assign the variable "website" from EEPROM ?

char website[] PROGMEM = (from EEPROM) ??

Can any help me for this.
Thank you.

Can any help me for this.

You can't. PROGMEM is read-only. You can't write to it at run time.