Enc28j60 Mac, phy?

Hello I’m getting mix results for the ENC28J60 Ethernet. I’m wondering if it has Mac and phy? Does anyone know for a fact it it has mac and phy?


it does have MAC mode. the ESP8266WiFi library uses it in MAC mode with the lwIP_enc28j60 library.
I don't know about PHY mode

Hello Juraj, That is for the Esp8266 library? So I can use the ENC28j60 with Mac on my uno board then. as Far as the Phy goes. I'm unsure myself. microchip datacheet I just found 35 minutes ago says Integrated MAC and 10Base-T PHY. I just wanted to make sure that's all.


there is no library for Uno which can use a network controller on MAC layer. afaik the only Arduino libraries using a MAC ethernet controller are the esp8266 lwIP_enc28j60 and lwIP_w5500 libraries. esp32 and some stm32 have libraries to use PHY layer modules (they have the MAC layer in the MCU)

the Arduino enc28j60 libraries ethercard, uipethernet and my ethenetenc use the proprietary supporting layer on the enc28j60.

Hey Juraj, Thsnk you very much.


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