ENC28J60, MagJack, Arduino, troubleshooting

Hi, I've setup an Arduino embedded web server configuration which still does not work :D

I implemented this tutorial: http://www.nuelectronics.com/estore/index.php?main_page=project_eth

Currently, when I connect Ethernet cable, the green LED goes on and stays on, telling that the link is ok.

The yello - status - LED never goes on. I programmed the ping example of that tutorial, but ping returns "request timed out", while at each time of requesting, the green LED blinks.

It seems that the ENC chip has not a proper connection with Arduino. I used a "74LS08" instead of "SN74HCT08" as recommended by the datasheet, but this could not be caused the matter right?

How a troubleshooting/error checking could be done in this situation please?


First, sorry for my English (I'm Spanish ;D)

I Build the same circuits and use a 74LS08 without problems.

You connect the Ethernet cable with a Switch/router or direct to computer?. Check the cable if it is crossed or not (if you connect direct to the computer) and check the IP in both sides (computer and Arduino).

I hope to be helpful. A greeting

Ah, Another thing. test other examples, part of the Ping test. I had a problem with this example.

Do you take the code as is, or do you change it so it's correct for you network (ip adress scheme) you use at your home? Because I've allready saw a few examples around here from people wo didn't know that you need to change those.

Hi All !

Thank you for answers!

ICEMAN, I'm also not native English speaker :D I have tried with both cables: crossed and not crossed with both router and computer (to which the crossed cable were used).

Wortelsoft, I set my NIC on the ip, submask:, and leave the ip of and the MC of the ping example as-is. I think there must be no problem right?

Still can't get ping working. I guess the problem is not the program, but connections are also all right, where could it be? Also, I never have status LED blinking. Next, when I connect my cross Ethernet cable, the laptop does not detect the network. For the connection to be detected, I have to: 1. connect the cable, 2. disable the network card on laptop 3. enable it back and I have the connection, but still (for instance now) I have 66 packets sent and 0 received!

Edit: this procedure of network detection will happen only if I previously set the ip and gateway of my network adapter on the laptop. If I don't set it, no network is detected. In any case, ENC28J60 appear to be unable to introduce itself to laptop :(

help! ;)


Try another example or use only the laptop ethernet card with static IP (disable other net cards for example WIFI, etc) because it's possible to have another IP address of other net (for example 192.168.0.xxx)

I did this and all other tests that could be done by setting/trying various IP combinations, router, laptop, etc.

Yet no result :(

May be somehow to test if ENC28J60 sees the Atmega328 chip at least?

My guess is that there is problem between them. Why Status LED never goes on?

ICEMAN, do you have your schema published somewhere? code? May be I set up your way?

I use various SCHEMA because the pinout of ethernet connector are different ¿?

http://www.instructables.com/file/FDJ2OPQGB3XJFOA/?size=ORIGINAL http://cafe.jeelabs.net/lab/ec1/jlpcb-096.pdf I think that use this one .

Try to check the pinouts (GND, correct TPIN - OUT) :-/

ICEMAN, did this work for you ok? http://www.instructables.com/file/FDJ2OPQGB3XJFOA/?size=ORIGINAL

I also just rechecked pinout. There are some things strange for me: 1. TPOUT+ AND TPOUT- AND 3.3V (say, pins: 15, 16, 17) have connection. 2. TPIN+ AND TPIN- also have connection. Are these ok? I don't see it on the schema I used: http://www.nuelectronics.com/estore/index.php?main_page=project_eth

May be they are connected from inside the chip and this is normal?


Check the pinout connections from ENC28J60 to ethernet “jack” like the follow diagram http://cafe.jeelabs.net/lab/ec1/jlpcb-096.pdf.

I’m at work… when I’m arrive at home I check my connections to ethernet Jack and told to you. ok ?

I rememeber problems with my circuit because a bad pinout with the connector.

Ok! Thank you!

No problem.... To see if that fixes the problem