ENC28J60 receive wake-on-lan.

I have an ENC28J60 chip connected to my Arduino Leonardo, I'm using the UIPEthernet library to set it up. I notice my breakout for the chip has a WOL pin, I assume this is for sending a signal to notify hardware to start when a WOL magic packet is received by the chip. I wish to use this to RESET the arduino when it receives a WOL magic packet, but there are next to no resources on the net explaining how to read the WOL pin or cause a hardware reset with it, everything is about using an arduino to send a WOL magic packet to another device.

Does anyone know how I can receive and act upon WOL magic packets on my ENC28J60 + Leonardo?

A quick look (at work so cannot dig deep) and all the info you need seems to be in the datasheet. WOL is active low, 3.3V and you will probably need to set one/several registers in the chip (start with the EIE.WOLIE bit.)