ENC28J60 using UIPEthernet Library, Wannting to listen for UDP Message

Hi Everyone

i have a ENC28J60 that's using the UIPEthernet library

Basically i have a program/computer that's broadcasting a UPD Message on the network.

Using the UIPEthernet i want to be able to detect that message to gets its IP address

Then using the TCPClient part of the UIPEthernet to connect to that ip.

i've got the TCPClient working no probs. But want to obtain the ip address of the UDP Broadcaster.

is this possible and how?

i know i can do this in the ethercard library. but the eithercard library doesnt have the TCPClient like the UIPEthernet library has.

is it possible to use both libraries?

if so how could i do it?

by the way i'm still learning arduino, etc.

hope you can help.