enclosures wires

So I want to put my board into a project enclosure. I have a bunch of output wires to leds and I am looking for those rubber wire stoppers that you would feed the wires through and it comes out of the box. I don't know what they are called. If you look at any USB cable or transformer its the rubber ribbed piece where the wire comes out from the enclosure.
It makes a cleaner install and it helps the wires not rip out from the pcb board. Does anyone know what those things are called I cannot find them at digikey or any electronic suppliers. Thanks!

They're called rubber grommets (to distinguish them from the hard plastic or metal kinds). You can get them at hardware stores, or online vendors like McMaster-Carr in the US. The important dimension to consider is the diameter of the hole you drill to mount it in.

You can even buy them with the appropriate military specification number (see MS35489J) if you feel like paying a whole lot extra. You will get a nice set of material certifications that you can frame and hang on the wall. :smiley:

Excellent! Thanks a million. :wink: