encode esp32-cam image to bse64

I am trying to encode image taken with ESP32-CAM to base64 encoded string so it can be posted to MQTT.

I have installed GitHub - agdl/Base64: A Base64 library for Arduino library and have following code

#include "esp_camera.h"
#include "Arduino.h"
#include "soc/soc.h"           // Disable brownour problems
#include "soc/rtc_cntl_reg.h"  // Disable brownour problems
#include "driver/rtc_io.h"
#include <Base64.h>
#include <WiFi.h>
#include <PubSubClient.h>

  camera_fb_t * fb = NULL;
  // Take Picture with Camera
  fb = esp_camera_fb_get();  
  if(!fb) {
    Serial.println("Camera capture failed");
  else {
    base64_encode(encoded_image, fb->buf, fb->len);
    client.publish("esp32/data", encoded_image.c_str());
  // initialize EEPROM with predefined size

But I get following error while compiling

Alternatives for avr/pgmspace.h: []/home/root/Arduino/libraries/Base64/src/Base64.cpp:11:26: fatal error: avr/pgmspace.h: No such file or directory

compilation terminated.
  -> candidates: []
Multiple libraries were found for "Base64.h"
 Used: /home/root/Arduino/libraries/Base64
Multiple libraries were found for "WiFi.h"
 Used: /home/root/.arduino15/packages/esp32/hardware/esp32/1.0.4/libraries/WiFi
 Not used: /opt/arduino-1.8.10/libraries/WiFi
Multiple libraries were found for "PubSubClient.h"
 Used: /home/root/Arduino/libraries/PubSubClient
Using library Base64 at version 0.0.1 in folder: /home/root/Arduino/libraries/Base64 
Using library WiFi at version 1.0 in folder: /home/root/.arduino15/packages/esp32/hardware/esp32/1.0.4/libraries/WiFi 
Using library PubSubClient at version 2.7 in folder: /home/root/Arduino/libraries/PubSubClient 
exit status 1
Error compiling for board ESP32 Wrover Module.

I have these libraries installed

root@xps-l521x:~$ ls /home/root/Arduino/libraries/
Adafruit_BME280_Library      Arduino_JSON       PubSubClient
Adafruit_BME680_Library      AsyncTCP           readme.txt
Adafruit_Circuit_Playground  Base64
Adafruit_Unified_Sensor      ESPAsyncWebServer

Whats wrong here ?

It appears that base64 library was only written for the avr family of arduino chips (Nano/Uno/Mega). An ESP32 is not the same MCU.

In this case how can I publish the image to MQTT ?

Doesent the ESP32 camera include also decryptbase64
so you dont need any extra base

Can you show me sample code ?