Encoder don't work with Arduino UNO

I am trying to plug the rotary-pulse converter directly into the Arduino, unfortunately all the combinations did not work and there are no pulses to the controller.

Please guide - what am I doing wrong, why am I doing wrong and how to solve this problem?

The encoder has a DSUB output - I makeded the cable so that on one side there was a connector (compatyble with encoder), and on the other side there were pins for Arduino. I would like to get communication with it.

Encoder data:

100 imp / rev
3 channels (A, B, R)
5V power supply

Connector and function of the pin coming out of the transducer:

If you have a breadboard, some leds and a few resistors, you can easily make a setup to verify the connections on your encoder (and your custom cable). That's what I'd do in your situation. Apart from the obvious continuity check with a DMM to verify the cable & connectors are all in good order.

Can you post a link for the data sheet for the encoder or the entire part number?

What is the output type (NPN, PNP, open collector, etc.)?

Thanks for the idea! It turned out that the problem is in encoder. I ordered a new component, tomorrow will be and then I try connected to Arduino again.

It turned out that the encoder was broken. After replacement everything started to work properly. Thanks for your help!

Wow, well, these things happen; I haven't had a broken encoder yet, but anything is possible!

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