Encoder for stepper Motor

Hello, i have question regarding incremental Encoders. if I want to install an encoder to check the steps of my Stepper Motor and compare both values of the Encoder and stepper Motor. is there any rule for choosing the resolution of the encoder?
I am using my motor with 400 steps/ revolution, is it arbitrary to choose the resolution of the encoder?

thank you all

Hi @mech93 .
Encoder resolution will define the accuracy of the information you will receive.
For example, this encoder has these resolutions:
PULSES PER REVOLUTION 10, 40, 100, 400
your motor is 400 steps, but your encoder is 10 steps,
every 40 stps one pulse will be counted, so you only know that it lies between the x0 and x40 steps.
If it's 100, you'll know it's between the x0 and the x4 steps, but if it's 400 you'll know where it's at each step,
but the processor should send the step and read the encoder.

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so its better to be identical with the Motor, if it's difficult then better to be higher. in my case i couldn't find a 400 steps/resolution regarding my specification so it's better to take 500?
am I right?

Hi @mech93 ,
With a higher value, the accuracy will actually be higher, but
In this your project you will have 1.25 pulses for each step, or 5 pulses for each 4 steps, and you will have to use this ratio in your motor controller.

RV mineirin

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thank you. I appreciate your help

When a stepper miss-steps it does so in multiples of 4 full steps, so the encoder can even be 100ppr and still detect this I think.

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