Encoder Library

I saw this encoder library and wondered if anybody has used it and, if they did, what they thought about.


Another way to work with rotary encoders is to use a chip like this http://www.lsicsi.com/pdfs/Data_Sheets/LS7183_LS7184.pdf Get a clean series of pulses as the knob turns and a high/low signal to tell you which direction. Use a PCINT & react to the pulse/direction as needed. http://www.lsicsi.com/encoders.htm http://www.geminielec.com/?keyword=ls7184&search=search&Itemid=1&option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.browse

Thanks for the idea, but I have already have spend to much money on my project :) The library seems to work fine, and is simple to use. I was just wondering if other people have used it, and if it worked well for them.


I think that the only answer is does it work well for you...