Encoder Pair for Tamiya Twin Motor Gearbox: Help! (Uno)

I have a basic movement sketch, but my two motors are unbalanced. I was wondering how I can incorporate these encoders into my sketch but I can’t find any guides, or tutorials.

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

Here is my bot, and my encoders:

What do you mean they are unbalanced ? Why ? Post a schematic of how you wired it and your code. There is one possible explanation but I can't comment until I see what pins you are using to control the motors and your code. They should not be unbalanced.

Not much to find on the website in the way of how to go about using them but the encoders are just photo reflective and most likely output a variable voltage based on the position of the slotted disk.

It does say that the board has a provision for these and that they get connected to A0 and A1 of the board. What that means is that in your program you would need to keep track of when the analog signal changes for each side and if one is changing faster than the other one then the part of the program that would be driving the motors would slow the faster one down.

Did the robot come with any software (programs) ?

Post your code.

raschemmel: Post your code.

It should be: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdQL_7osGzc#t=0

Best regards Jantje