Encoding Radio Control signal pulses

Hi guys, i´m starting with Arduino by now and decided to built the radio control decoder, so i´m thinking about adding more channels(at least 12ch),..., but now i´m thinking,..why not build an encoder with no less than 12ch. Does any of you developed some sort of code that can be used to get this project to go further and may share it with us, any help would be apreciated ! :)


Are you asking for help encoding or decoding? The servo library in the playground can encode 12 channels : http://www.arduino.cc/playground/ComponentLib/Servo

It would be easier to help you if you say more about what you want to build and what you have learned and done so far.

Hi mem, i´m asking for an encoder but the decoder needs to be improved for more than 8ch,…my ideia is to use 8 channels for proporcional servo movments (joystick) and the rest of the channels for TTL(0-5v),…to connect relays or other devices,…, at least 12 channels would be nice but more than that, would be excellent,…need to drop a better look at the link you´ve posted ! :sunglasses:


If you are looking to use the servo decoder from this thread: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1228137503/0 you can try changing the number of channels by changing the following define in ServoDecode.h

define MAX_CHANNELS 8 //this determine the maximum number of channels

But if you have more than 8 channels and the average pulse length is 2ms or greater then you may not have time to detect the sync pulse and still use 20ms frames. If this concept is unclear then I suggest you stick with 8 channels and get that working. It will be easier to play around with it once you have it working. But you may be on your own, I won't have the time to test this with more than 8 channels although I will try to answer your questions.

BTW, how are you going to generate the pulses that you intend to decode? if its a standard RC transmitter, have a thorough google search to see if you can find information on the pulse timings it uses.