Ending a sketch, but leaving two outputs on

Hello everyone, I am building a jet engine, and for the auto-start i need to be able to execute orders in a certain order, then leave the pin 11, and pin 10 off (see picture) after a certain amount of time, It works, but after the pins turn off, it goes into another loop. I need the program to leave pin 13 and 12 on, but after the time passes for pins 11 and 10 to turn off.
The sequence goes in this order..
1- Relay for oil pump closes and turns on pump
2- Relay for fuel pump closes and turns on pump
3- Assisted start motor turns on
4-Igniter turns on
5- assisted start motor turns off
6-igniter off.

The point of relays is to have a fail safe, where if there is any problem, the relays automatically open, turning off everything.

Right now, it all works, but the loop keeps repeating the 1.5min step. How do i make the sketch stop looping, but keeps on pin 12, and pin 13?? Please help ASAP




where do i add it too?

Make it the last line in loop

Thank you!