Energia adds multitasking!

The latest version of Energia added support for multitasking on the new MSP432 board, implemented simply by adding multiple .ino files with some specially named setupXXXX and loopXXXX functions. It should be interesting to see how this works out.

On the minus side:

  1. it uses TI-RTOS as the os, so it's presumably not portable (license-wise) to non-TI chips.
  2. There doesn't seem to currently be support for "bare" msp432 sketches. Blink now compiles to 45k+ for that platform.
  3. The OS is pretty big. the "three separate blinks" sketch described in the above link compiles to about 78k.

Nevertheless, I think the interesting part is the way that this is being presented to the users. If it gains acceptance, it should be relatively easy to port the "presentation" to other RTOS hosts.

(msp432 is a new chip family from TI. msp430-like peripherals and attention to low power, with 48MHz CM4F ARM cpu. http://www.ti.com/msp432)