Energy Consumed in WSN

I am doing my mini project on WSN.
I want some specifications of a Wireless Sensor Node like:
1)Energy consumed while sampling by a temperature sensor per unit data.
2)Energy consumed while sending unit data through unit distance in a wireless environment.
3)Energy consumed while receiving unit data at a node.

I actually want actual figures in joules like sensor takes 1.2 joules/byte to sample or sumthing like that…
Not able to find on internet…
Any help about thsee figures will be really helpful.

You can read datasheets to get a rough feel for these numbers. It really all depends on what node you’re using.

Afaicr our Mica2 clone uses ~0.5mA while in sleep mode, ~5mA in wake, ~12mA receiving, ~15mA sending. I don’t really have timings for you on that so I can’t really give you an energy budget in terms of joules/bytes.

If you have access to a university network, just try

  • Niels